Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a service that most digital marketing agencies offer, but not a service that every agency does well. When marketers talk about PPC, they typically mean Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), although Facebook Ads are also technically “pay-per-click”.

At a high level, successful Google Ads campaigns require skill, experience, good instincts, and a lot of attention. Smart keyword research and rock solid ad copy are the backbone of an effective campaign.

Our PPC team is hyper focused on…

Qualified Traffic

Relevant Ads

High Conversion

Single Keyword Ad Groups

The tried and true method to have the most control over your campaigns. Our custom scripts provide dynamic functionality...but you get to hold the leash. Overall, this is the best way to ensure high relevance and good CTR.

Machine Learning A/B Testing

The problem with the traditional approach to A/B testing is that you're only working with two variables - an experimental and a control. The issue is that user behavior is insurmountably more complex than that. Multivariate models lead to more insights.

Curated Landing Pages

We offer standard or premium landing pages. Standard landing pages are built, designed, and hosted on platforms like Unbounce or even Wix. Premium landing pages built custom the traditional way (Raw HTML, CSS, JS), and are professionally designed. This allows you to keep them forever, and we offer lifetime support for tweaks and edits.

Competitor Research

PPC is kind of like chess - to win you need to understand your opponent's strategy in order to out-smart them. Don't worry about it, we have this covered.