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We take a product management approach to building websites because we believe it is the right way to build things for the web. As the internet evolves, and website desires become more complex, our processes must adapt in order for us to continue providing great experiences for our clients. When we take on a new project, our first order of business is to establish what an MVP, (minimum viable product) will look like.

As we develop a closer relationship with the client, and learn more about their business, ideas start to flow and our vision for the site may change over time. Our iterative process allows us to embrace scope changes, rather than fear them, because after an MVP is delivered our clients request features and updates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Overall, our process is meant to work with you, not against you. It’s natural to change your mind about website decisions. Sometimes things don’t look or feel exactly the way you imagined, it’s very difficult to account for everything you may want to do in the future. This way, if we come up with a great idea half way into a project it’s not a big deal.

Web Development & Engineering Services

Custom Wordpress Sites

For custom websites we recommend Wordpress. To us, a custom website means we're building your company its own Wordpress theme. These sites are higher end and the most expensive. Our team will require brand identity guidelines - so your logo variants, color pallet, typography, and any other branding documents.

Custom Wix Sites

Wix updated their framework to use React JS in 2019, and is a very powerful website platform. If anyone tells you that Wix is "bad for SEO" they're either misinformed or being dishonest. JavaScript SEO is a thing these days.

Data Integration

We can pull relevant data from wherever it lives, however, this can get dicey. If it's on a popular platform that has an API, then it should be pretty straightforward. We prefer to understand any/all integration needs up front so our engineering team can properly scope it.

CDN & Caching

A content delivery network is crucial if your website requires videos, graphics, super high res images, and more. Everything also needs to be compressed. We'll come up with the best solution that is supported by your CMS.