SEO, Websites, and Content at the Highest Level

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Ciffone Digital’s first and most prominent strong suit. You can work directly with me on a consulting basis, or opt for more of an agency-style engagement. In either case, I guarantee the highest quality professional work. Both myself and my team constantly adapt to the latest industry standards.

Page Speed Optimization

My team and I specialize in performance optimization and will go as far as engineering custom server architectures to achieve the fastest load time possible. Whether you're looking to make your bloated WordPress site pass Core Web Vitals or looking for a more advanced enterprise setup, we deliver results.

Website Development

When it comes to web development, my team is primarily focused on custom WordPress and Ghost themes. However, I will staff the right team to handle any project. Designs are handled both in-house and by a partner creative agency. My product-led process ensures that the right talent is on each project.

Content Marketing Strategy

There are two routes that I recommend when it comes to content. Which we decide to take depends on your brand and your goals; which is hopefully to make money. For established sites, we can get right down to business targeting commercial intent queries. For smaller and growing sites, it might take longer, but my process works.

Data Driven Strategy + Experience Driven Instinct


SEO Strategy

Ciffone Digital helps brands create, reshape, and grow their online presence through organic traffic. I'll develop a strategy to boost your visibility on Google and drive quality traffic to your website. My team and I will build out the funnels, user journeys, and content that will engage and retain your target audience.


Website Development

Ciffone Digital websites are developed with SEO in mind, optimized with best practices right out of the box. I offer specialty hosting for large companies and/or established brands with high-traffic websites and international footprints. As a former Product Manager, my development process is inspired by agile and scrum.


Content Marketing & Copywriting

There is no excuse for mediocre content. Especially since Google's Helpful Content update. If you want to do well on the search, we must provide higher quality content than any of your competitors. I've developed a unique approach to creating content leveraging Voice Transcription software and Generative AI to minimize your time investment and maximize quality.

Campaign Advisor

The right advice when you need it

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Mary Kate Mack (Host), with panelists Mike Ciffone and Richard Chavez

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