SEO, Websites, and Content at the Highest Level

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Ciffone Digital’s first and most prominent strong suit. You can work directly with Mike on a consulting basis, or come on as an agency client. In either case, we guarantee the highest quality professional work and constantly adapt to the latest industry standards.

Site Performance & Custom Hosting

Our team specializes in Page Speed Optimization and engineering custom server architectures to achieve the fastest speed and performance. Custom hosting is available.

Website Development

Our team is primarily focused on custom WordPress development, but we have the capability to build applications. Designs are handled by our partner creative company. Our process ensures that the right talent is on each project.

Content Marketing Strategy

Ciffone Digital is more of a boutique content agency. We thrive on larger scale campaigns where we can create the best content we can. We do amazing work, but we’re not the right fit for every company.

Data Driven Strategy + Experience Driven Instinct


Digital Marketing Strategy

We help you create and re-shape your online presence and how you interact with your consumers. We'll develop a strategy to boost your visibility on Google and drive quality traffic to your website. Our team will build out funnels and user journeys that will engage and retain your target audience. Core offerings include SEO, Website Development, and Content Marketing.


Website Development

Our websites are developed with SEO in mind, optimized with best practices right out of the box. We offer specialty hosting for large companies and/or established brands with large websites and international users. We take a product approach to development working off an agile/scrum model.


Content Marketing & Copywriting

There is no excuse for mediocre content. If you want to do well on the internet, you have to bring something good to the table! Our unique approach to creating content is what sets us apart from other agencies. Through technology we ensure that anything we write sounds just like you and your brand.

Campaign Advisor

The right advice when you need it